Danny Burch Comments On WWE Bringing British Rounds-Style Event To NXT


During a recent interview with Pwinsider, Danny Burch commented on the idea of a Heritage Cup-Style British rounds wrestling event on the main NXT brand, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the UK wrestling scene taking off: “I don’t know how the thing boomed, because it did, it just hit the biggest boom period ever and that was while I was under contract the first time, so when I first got signed and I left the British wrestling scene, a big turnout was 150-200 people, and when when I get back after my first initial run didn’t work out, I get back and there was thousands of people in buildings. I can’t pinpoint what it was to make that the boom period, but when I left you didn’t have places like PROGRESS, they weren’t around. I think it was just…the best thing I can assume is that all the guys that were at the top of their game in that time period in the boom period, the stars aligned and they all became exceptional in-ring talents all at the same time, and it was just one of those things where the shows – you just couldn’t miss them.”


On who he would like to add from NXT UK to the Kings of NXT: “Who would I steal? I think maybe someone like a Joe Coffey or llja Dragunov – he just had that hellacious, amazing match with WALTER, so I think he would be an exceptional fit but if there’s three of us and four of them, so be it. ”

On the idea of WWE bringing a British rounds-style event to NXT: “If it can be done, it would be exceptional because working within the rounds system, it makes you think completely differently while you’re in the ring. Just as you start to gain momentum, the round stops and you have to go back to your corner. So it’s one of those things where you constantly have to be on your feet and it’s a whole new, exciting dynamic that you can bring to matches. Again, it’s something that’s not been done in the states so I think it’s one of those things that would really test guys and girls, let’s see how much you can do so when you come out of that round, you can just literally jump back straight in. So I think it’d be great.”

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