Danny Davis Talks Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino, and More


Sent by Jordan Garber:

“Dangerous” Danny Davis was recently a guest on Attitude Era Live with host The Icon and co-hosts Jordan Garber, Granny Hulkster, and Big Swig. The show can be listened to every Monday night at 9 PM CT on blogtalkradio.com/attitudeeralive here are some of the highlights!


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Danny Davis on Hulk Hogan:

“Hulk Hogan is an icon there’s nobody that could say anything negative about him. He’s done things for wrestling that will never be repeated. He was a type of guy that had the charisma and the people loved him and just to be in his presence was an awesome thing. I know, I knew him personally but when he came out through the curtain the atmosphere and the electricity in the arena was unbelievable.”

Danny Davis on Earl Hebner and Nick Patrick using his gimmick:

“It’s the wrestling business. The fans and the promoters know it’s not going to work as well if at all the 2nd time if you repeat something like that. What we did was never done before. If someone tried to do that again it wouldn’t have worked for one reason or another. For me it worked we made history and it was never done before. Other promotions try it and it just doesn’t work. You have to have that first image of it and be a part of that first image of it. Anything after that isn’t going to work.”
Danny Davis on Bruno Sammartino:
“One of my childhood heroes. He was the champ. I worked with him and his son in a tag match as Mr. X with Steve Lombardi. It was very exciting what took place with him and I when we had those matches on TV including that tag match. Until he passed away, he would always bring that story up regarding our tag match.”

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