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Dante Martin Discusses His Singles Run, Getting Advice From Dean Malenko & Jerry Lynn



During a recent interview with Jon Alba of AdFreeShows, AEW Superstar Dante Martin commented on his singles run in AEW, getting advice from Dean Malenko and Jerry Lynn, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On embracing his singles run in AEW and the impact his brother Darius’ injury has had on him: “It’s been pretty hard, especially just being thrown to the fishes almost, being thrown to the sharks. It’s a sink or swim. I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job swimming right now. Darius has been kind of my coach behind the scenes and been helping me out an amazing amount. Although it’s a bad situation, we’re making a good deal out of it. I’ve trained tag my whole career, and I came in as a tag. It’s always been me and Darius since I started this, so it was definitely a weird feeling being in a different division.”

On critics of his high-flying style: “I think to the critics, they’re going to voice their opinion, and as long as overall the people are happy and you’re doing your job to the best you can, that’s all that really matters. People are going to say what they’re going to say at the end of the day, whether your back’s turned or facing them, you just gotta do you.”

On the biggest backstage influences for him in AEW: “I’ve talked to JR a couple of times. I talk to Schiavone just about every week now, of course, as you see with the pre-tapes we do. Two of the biggest names, to me, that are super influential backstage are Dean Malenko and Jerry Lynn. They’re just two of the greatest minds and nicest people you’ll ever meet. Super helpful. I watched a lot of Jerry, but Dean is the one I watch almost religiously. I almost draw [from Malenko’s matches], I hope it comes across like this, but the intensity, almost like the ‘I don’t care attitude.’ Just going to the ring, ‘I gotta do me, the other guy can bring it, but I gotta bring it more attitude.’ I get a lot of that from Malenko. I pull him aside and we talk a little bit. He gives me an amazing amount of helpful tips and tricks that he’s learned and different ways to set things up. He’s an amazing coach.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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