Darby Allin Comments On Sting’s Backstage Attitude In AEW, More


During a recent interview with Metro UK, AEW Superstar Darby Allin commented on Sting’s backstage attitude in AEW, possibly teaming with him to face Ric Flair and Andrade in AEW, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On teaming with Sting to face Ric Flair & Andrade: “Yeah, that’d be fun! Anything is possible, I feel. You’ve just gotta be patient and see what goes down, and where the wind takes you.”

On his pairing with Sting: “The first night he debuted, I went in his locker room and we start talking and stuff like that. I was showing him more videos of the stuff that I do, my promos and stuff like that, and he got to see my creative side out of the ring. He’s the guy I really hang out with backstage. His dressing room, he’s got his own little private dressing room and he says it’s mine. He likes to be put to work, he wants to be part of the show. He doesn’t wanna just sit there and collect the cheque. He wants to have things to do, so it’s real cool to be a part of that.”

On skateboarding and music changing his life: “Skateboarding and music definitely changed my life. I always liked professional wrestling but I never thought I could do it, I never thought it was an option. But once I started believing it was an option, all the things intertwined and I couldn’t ask for anything better with all those worlds, and what I took from each world.”

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