Darby Allin Confirms His Plans To Climb Mount Everest, Has A Trainer


During a recent appearance on the “Drinks With Johnny” podcast, AEW wrestler Darby Allin confirmed his plans to climb Mount Everest next year, including having a coach to help him train. He said,

“I’m excited for that, I’m excited for everything, life’s really awesome right now. I’m excited to go climb Mount Everest next year. I got like a coach and everything that we were talking about. I have to wait until April and May because that’s the only hiking season right now. You can only climb it between April and May. Once you connect with a team that like sets everything up, they kind of handle everything. You just give them your information and sh*t. So I’ve been talking to one guy who has submitted it before, and he’s climbed to base camp a bunch of other times, but he’s put me in touch with a bunch of people, and we want to most likely document the whole thing. Like some type of team from Discovery.”


In other news, NJPW’s Fred Rosser (Darren Young in WWE) recently appeared on “The Wrstling Podcast” to discuss a variety of topics, including the respect between wrestling colleagues and the value that it brings. He said,

“You know, the respect of the fans is so important to me, but the respect of my peers is even more important to me. I don’t like Tom Lawlor, don’t like him. But he did an interview saying he would have never thought in a million years that he would’ve stepped in the ring with a guy like Darren Young/Fred Rosser, but the first time we touched in 2020, he said it was going to be something special. That means a lot coming from a peer I can’t stand. That’s what it’s all about, doing some of your best work. It’s about engaging with the fans, it’s about putting on a show that people remember.”

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