Darby Allin Denies He Was Referencing CM Punk During His Promo On AEW Dynamite


As seen during Wednesday night’s “Fight For The Fallen” themed episode of AEW Dynamite, Darby Allin cut a promo and appeared to reference CM Punk. Allin said,

“I’ll be in Chicago. You know, I’ve been around a lot of men in this world that have laid claim to how they’re the greatest. There is only one place to really prove that, right here in AEW. Even if you think you are the best in the world.”

According to a report from Post Wrestling, Allin recently revealed during a virtual meet and greet for the Asylum Wrestling Store that the promo wasn’t about CM Punk. He said,

“No, that’s more Sammy Guevara [we were alluding to] because he calls himself the best ever. Yeah, well people read into it too much. Sammy Guevara, [he] calls himself the best ever so… it’s cool dude. It’s awesome that people actually care and wanna know what’s going on so…”

Of course, none of the talent in AEW have been told whether CM Punk is coming in or not. The only people who likely know at this point are Tony Khan and a select few of the EVPs.

When he was asked about his recent coffin match with Ethan Page, Allin said,

“It was sick because I wanted to set the — I wanted to set the pace with like how — because a lot of people sometimes view Coffin matches, Casket matches, whatever you call them, they’re like, ‘Oh, they’re kind of boring’ and you know, it’s kind of like slow paced and I just wanted to go crazy so to be able to be in that spot, set the pace and make history, I’m just — it was sick. It was awesome and I was ready to go psycho that night and I didn’t care if I ended up in a hospital.“

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