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NewsDark Side Of The Ring Creator Addresses Rumor Of WWE Pressure

Dark Side Of The Ring Creator Addresses Rumor Of WWE Pressure



WWE did not pressure VICE or A&E to cancel Dark Side of the Ring, according to the show’s co-creator Evan Husney.

For three seasons, the documentary series has focused on some of wrestling’s most controversial topics, including Chris Benoit, Steroids, and the Plane Ride from Hell.

Over a year has passed since Season 3, and it had been rumored that WWE, unhappy with the show’s content, pressured A&E and VICE to cut ties with the show.

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip podcast to promote the upcoming docuseries Tales from the Territories, Husney denied the claim. He said,

“It was some rumor about how WWE was putting pressure on A&E to not air our shows and it could be too controversial, so they were going to cancel it. VICE would never do that because it’s their most successful show. If Dark Side wasn’t successful, I could see not doing another season. It was this weird thing.”

Husney added that a fourth season of the show is in the works and that the hiatus between seasons three and four is not the WWE conspiracy some believe it is.

“We’re definitely not done with the show. It would have been incredibly challenging for us to do another season of Dark Side and this at the same time. We’re way too much of control freaks to be able to do both. It would have been too tough.

“We wanted to give Tales from the Territories its best chance to be its own thing and create another brand.”

This week, it was reported that VICE is considering the career of Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, as a possible topic for the show’s fourth season.

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