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Dark Side Of The Ring Creators Suggest Lawler-Kaufman Feud Could’ve Been Its Own Episode


Dark Side of the Ring creators Evan Husney and Jason Eisner recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho to discuss their upcoming VICE TV project Tales from the Territories. The topic then turned to the famous Jerry Lawler feud with Andy Kauffman and how it was almost featured on DSOTR.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


Husney on the Lawler-Kaufman feud: “[Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler] could have been a Dark Side of the Ring episode. Obviously, when we’re getting into Memphis, it’s hard to ignore … the Kaufman-Lawler thing. … The Kaufman versus Lawler angle we actually built out into an entire episode.”

Hunsey on producing the episode in question: “When we got there, we were filming with the guys, the chemistry was so good. It was like. ‘All right, let’s tell the Kaufman story,’ and they just went, and they went for hours. It was cool because I had never really heard Lawler’s … top-to-bottom perspective on the whole angle.”

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