Darren Young Injury Update, WWE Asks Which Famous Faction You Want To See Return To The Ring


– Darren Young is getting closer to returning to the ring after undergoing major elbow surgery in February. He posted this update on his Instagram account:

“I just wanted to share with world how far I’ve come since major elbow surgery and I hope it can inspire you to achieve your own personal fitness goals. I’m not finished yet. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re picking up the pace now. #standby #thedoubtersmademedoit #blockthehate #whyhidehardwork”

– WWE has a new poll asking fans which famous faction they most want to see return to the ring. The Shield is currently leading the poll at 53%, followed by Degeneration X at 15%. Other factions listed include the NWO, the Nation of Domination, the Nexus, Evolution and the Four Horsemen.

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