Dash Wilder Looks Back on Injuries Hurting The Revival’s Initial Momentum on Main Roster


WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Dash Wilder of The Revival spoke with Talksport where he talked about how they had a rocky road once making the move from WWE NXT to the main roster of the company in 2017 due to injuries.

If you recall, Wilder suffered a fractured shortly after their in-ring debuts against The New Day on Monday Night Raw. As a result, that saw him out of action for eight weeks. Then, Dawson tore his right bicep a month after Wilder’s injury, which forced him out of action for five months.

“I feel like the injuries back-to-back – one to me, one to Dawson – that obviously put a big bump in the road for us and took away a lot of the momentum, but at the same time, the crowds are a little bit different. NXT, for the most part, their crowds are a little more die-hard and a little more ‘in the know’ I guess? Whereas Monday’s and Tuesday’s, they reach out to a broader audience, a more casual audience. They still come out and have fun and enjoy it, but they don’t know as much about NXT or TakeOver: Orlando as they do about the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. So it’s just getting those guys established and things going the right way.”

“And then Dawson tore his bicep a month after I came back. So within three months, we had two pretty significant injuries and that really hurt. The first one, we were still around, we were still on TV. The second one was a little bit longer, more rehab for Dawson and that one hurt a lot because we were going to work The Hardyz at SummerSlam and get that opportunity the NXT guys are getting now and there’s nothing you can do about it – it’s out of your hands.”

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