Dash Wilder Talks Openly about Revival Rumors and Wanting More for the Tag Team Division


Dash Wilder recently talked to talkSPORT about the Revival’s desire to see more from the tag team division in WWE and the rumors about their desire to leave the WWE. Below are some highlights:


Dash Wilder on the Revival/release rumors:

“I won’t touch on it too much, but I will say there is a lot of non-truth to that. The trademark was just something that we wanted because we want merchandise and T-shirt ideas and we want to make sure no other company can use it because it’s not just a thing we have been using, obviously [laughs]. Other people have been using it and we wanted to make sure if we were to print t-shirts or like we have it on our gear now, we have the legal rights to it. Now it’s something we have the intellectual property of. We can have it on anything we want, if there is any more merchandise there shouldn’t be any more issues with that.”

Wilder on wanting more for WWE’s tag teams:

“We do want more for the tag team division, 100 percent. We do want more opportunities and we were very vocal about that. But, like I said, there were a lot of things that were reported that weren’t accurate. 
“For us, we want a healthy, competitive tag team division where all the tag teams get matches on TV and not just every now and then. They’ll be weeks where the tag team champions were off two out of three weeks in a row. It was [Bobby] Roode and [Chad] Gable that were off two out of three weeks and it’s hard for anybody to get invested in anybody like that. It’s hard for anybody to care or for anybody to have a reason to and I can’t blame them. If I only saw a champion every few weeks, I wouldn’t really invest myself as a fan as well as I see someone like Roman [Reigns], someone I see every week then that’s something I get behind because I see them every week, there’s a continuity there and there’s just always something going on.
“If I see somebody once and then I don’t see them again for weeks I’m like ‘Oh, I forgot about that’. We just want to see the tag team division featured, prominently. Because we know what it can bring to the show, we know what it has to offer. Look at the three-way matches that The Dudleyz, The Hardyz and Edge and Christian had. I don’t think they actually ever main evented a pay-per-view, but they were the matches that everybody walked away talking about. There was a time when tag team wrestling was one of the hottest things on the show.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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