Dash Wilder Thanks WWE Hall of Famer for Help Throughout his Career


Former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Dash Wilder took some time to thank WWE Hall of Famer  Edge for helping him throughout his career.

Wilder expressed his feelings in a post shared on his official Instagram account. This is where he talked about bonding with him after becoming friends at a gym that led to him getting into the pro wrestling business. He wrote the following:


“A decade ago I was working at a gym in Asheville, NC. I was wrestling as much as possible, struggling. Trying anything I could to get noticed. One day my manager from work calls me and says “dude, where are you!? Edge just walked in and wants to join the gym.”

Obviously, I didn’t believe him. There’s no way Edge is in Asheville signing up at the gym I work at. Turns out, he was. He’d bought a house in the area and was moving there from Tampa. At the time he was recovering from a torn Achilles. Whenever he’d come in we’d have casual conversations and I’d ask him how things were going. I tried not to bother him with wrestling talk because I know he got that a lot. Fast forward a few months, he’s the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. One day at the gym he says “so I hear you’re a wrestler, how come you never bring that up?” By the end of the conversation he’d given me his email address and asked me to send him some matches so he could critique them and give me advice. The WWE champion was offering to watch my stuff and give me advice 🤯.

Not long after that, he was forced to retire because of his neck injuries. He never let it get him down, and he STILL went out of his way to help me get better and achieve my dream. Watching match after match. Promo after promo. Letting me stay in his guesthouse when I had no where else to stay because I was chasing this crazy dream. 20 years of doing this at the highest level. Achieving more than most could ever hope for. And no matter what he was going through, making time to help me and countless others. I have serious doubts I’d be where I am today without his help and selflessness. Thank you, Adam. Keep enjoying “retirement.”

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