Dave Lagana Reveals What Was Originally Planned For The Al Wilson Storyline In 2003, Discusses His Time In TNA


Former WWE and TNA creative team writer Dave Lagana recently appeared on the “Solomonster Sounds Off” podcast and revealed his original idea for the Al Wilson storyline that took place way back in 2003. Lagana also discussed his time in TNA Wrestling and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his original idea for the Al Wilson’s funeral storyline in 2003: “Dawn [Marie] would have shtupped him to death. Al would have been in the casket. Torrie would have been there crying,’I’m sorry, dad. I should have accepted you being in love with Dawn Marie. I’m sorry, I wish I could have one more minute.’ And then Al was going to sit up in the casket [having faked it], and he would’ve said, ‘You’re a terrible daughter.’ And he would have cut this heel promo on his daughter, he would have walked out the front of the funeral home and then he would have gotten hit by a bus and he would have died. Vince loved it, but we never got to do it, sadly. I never told that story, and probably for good reason because it’s terrible.”

On his final last year TNA Wrestling: “I thank her for [giving me the chance]. Did she make mistakes? Yes. I don’t know if she’ll ever do an interview, but I think she would say she made some mistakes. She did the best she could with what she had. And, I say this line… she’s the reason we were there, and she’s also the reason we’re here. Ultimately, the last year sucked. But, here’s the thing — the business sucked last year, but last year was the most fun I’ve ever had doing any creative in any wrestling company in 15 years. We just made the best of it. [The talent] worked really hard with no future. You know, people used to make fun of TNA morale and all of that stuff, but when you don’t know what your future is going to be, at least you can have fun in the moment and they went out and killed it.”

On misconceptions fans have regarding pro wrestling writers: “[They think] we’re stupid, like we don’t know anything about the business. The misconception is that we’re not fans. I worked with a bunch of people in WWE who weren’t fans and they didn’t last very long, because it doesn’t make sense to anyone who isn’t a fan. [It’s also] really a hard job and I think a lot of people think they could do it, but it’s like an Olympic dive. There’s a lot of different things that go into it. The things [TNA] threw at Matt [Conway] and I in the last three years… ‘okay guys, you’re gonna go to the UK and do six Impacts in three days with six hours of travel between each and double taping days.’ It’s not like we just book matches. And it’s a very niche job. It’s not like there’s a minor league to learn how to write or produce wrestling. There are only probably 9 to 15 full-time wrestling writer jobs in the world. There’s no college for it.”

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