Dave Meltzer Says WWE Is Being Used By Television Networks


On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer replied to Heyman and JBL’s comments about Raw being a 3-hour show.

Meltzer said that the Heyman and JBL did not mention that 3-hour Raw shows might be good in the short-run, due to bringing in ad dollars, but hurts the company in the long-run. He said it is not a theory; it is a trend that has been duplicated many times over TV history: a product/brand gets hot, the TV networks cannot get enough of it, over-saturates the market, and then the brand suffers from over-exposure. The network then goes on and finds a new product while the earlier pushed product eventually dies. He states that TV networks are “using” WWE and that WWE should smarten up and instead be the ones “using” TV exposure to their advantage.


Dave says WWE is fortunate that USA has failed to produce another hit program. He goes on to say that that is what happened to WCW, as once TBS felt as if it got everything it could out of wrestling, it dropped wrestling and never looked back

He also went on a bit further about the Heyman/JBL show, characterizing it as two WWE representatives defending unpopular WWE’s business ideas and plans, plus believing that JBL and Heyman’s responses were dismissive.

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