Davey Boy Smith Jr. On The Ranallo/JBL Situation – “People With Mental Health Issues Shouldn’t Work In WWE”


In an interview with Hannibal TV, Davey Boy Smith Jr. gave his thoughts on the JBL-Mauro Ranallo situation in WWE. Here are highlights:

On a match he had with JBL in Toronto, where JBL said his family couldn’t save him from the beating he was going to take because they were dead, before squashing him: “No, you know what I think it was WWE’s way of killing me off TV, but it was just like, ‘Why did you have me debut on TV anyway?’ It was just a s–tty thing but it wasn’t really John’s fault, had it been me now and we had done that match it would’ve been a shoot and he would’ve lost that one.”

On the Mauro Ranallo/JBL situation: “Well, it’s tough to say because Mauro – I know Mauro really well and he does take things really personally. So, and I know JBL has this reputation of being a bully and stuff like that, so I think it could be a combination of a couple of things. Really, bottom line is Mauro gots a lot of mental health issues, and he’s been pretty open about that on Twitter and everything, so pretty much everybody with mental health issues shouldn’t work in the WWE. It’s not really the best work environment just cause of the stress and everything. I think that he probably takes things personally, probably JBL was hazing him a bit, and he probably just said ‘Screw this’ and snapped and said ‘I’ve had enough of this, I’m leaving.’ “I’m actually surprised he lasted that long in the company just cause I know how things work. And I know how Mauro is, he’s such a guy that’s so passionate about the business and he’s almost passionate to a fault. You know what I mean? And you would’ve known him as well. And just with him, with his condition – I think it was a combination of both things. Mauro can leave WWE and he’s got his commentating for MMA he’s got all kinds of stuff. He really doesn’t need the place. But I’m surprised he lasted that long to be honest with you.”

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