Davey Boy Smith Jr. Remembers Promo Advice Dusty Rhodes Gave Him


Dusty Rhodes and the legacy he’d built is currently an important aspect of the top storyline leading into WrestleMania 39. As Paul Heyman mentioned on RAW a few weeks ago, the American Dream had coached many of today’s prominent stars before his passing and gave them all crucial advice. One person who was fortunate to have worked with Rhodes is Davey Boy Smith Jr.

During a recent appearance on an AdFreeShows podcast, Smith recalled having received promo advice from the Hall of Famer and said one of the things Rhodes taught him was the importance of delivery over what is spoken through a microphone.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Rhodes’ promo advice: “Dusty — the big thing that he taught me was that every promo has to have a good ending. Dusty told, taught me that, you know, silence is golden … It’s not exactly what you say, it’s how you say it.”

On Rhodes helping him with promos in FCW: “I cut some … promos down in FCW under, with Dusty’s help and I was just never able to show it on WWE for whatever reason. Dusty helped me a lot. I’m very thankful for that and he used to tell me that I was one of his prodigies.”

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