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NewsDavey Boy Smith Jr. Says A Return To WWE Is "Definitely Possible",...

Davey Boy Smith Jr. Says A Return To WWE Is “Definitely Possible”, More



During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Davey Boy Smith Jr. commented on a possible return to WWE, MLW Restart, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On being with MLW since he was 18: “I remember studying for my chemistry midterm on the airplane. I’ve been part of MLW for a long time, and I’m excited to be part of the reboot.”

On his match with Jacob Fatu: “It’s going to be a hard-hitting affair. Fatu is so special of an athlete. I’ve seen the guy do a double-jump moonsault off the top rope. I have a huge amount of respect for him and the entire Anoa’i family.”

On MLW having a different style than AEW or NXT: “There is a lot of great talent on those shows, but fans are going to get a nice breath of fresh air and be able to see a really good, solid, heavy-hitting heavyweight affair here. I think it’s something you can compare to the days of Terry (Bam Bam) Gordy and Steve Williams of All Japan. We’ll showcase that special style of hard-hitting, strong-style Japanese wrestling mixed with American style, and I hope everybody enjoys the match.”

On the possibility of a WWE return when his contract expires: “I think it’s definitely a possibility. In addition to the WWE Hall of Fame, I was also supposed to be touring regularly with All Japan Pro Wrestling. I had a big opportunity with their Champion Carnival tournament in April, but I couldn’t travel to with the pandemic. I have a lot to think about and a lot of options to weigh, but I’m looking forward to seeing what transpires in my future. A return to WWE is very possible.”

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