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Davey Boy Smith Jr. Says The NXT UK Brand Doesn’t Have Enough Name Power


During a recent interview with Hannibal TV, Davey Boy Smith Jr. (DH Smith in WWE) commented on WWE potentially building the NXT UK brand around him. He said,

“Yeah. With all due respect to a lot of the guys there, there’s just not a lot of name power. And with — due to the COVID pandemic, there’s no, you know, live audience, so that’s going to hurt things also. But I just think if they had more name power over there with — if they had Finn Balor, he’s from Europe. If they had him and a few other guys, WALTER, he’s got some name power. He’s a big guy. That’s just the problem. It’s just COVID, they’re not allowed to draw any live audiences, and especially in the UK, everything is so isolated with COVID and travel restrictions. It’s not like you can send guys back-and-forth regularly. It’s tough, man. Maybe, hopefully, they can have a waiting game with it, and things will look up for them. They do have great talent. It’s just not a lot of actual name power.”

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