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NewsDavey Boy Smith Jr. Teases Return to Japan 'Very Soon'

Davey Boy Smith Jr. Teases Return to Japan ‘Very Soon’



Davey Boy Smith Jr. was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc. to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

His return to Japan:

I have a singles match [soon] with Erik Stevens. I’ll just leave this little tidbit for the fans: I will be returning to Japan soon. I can’t divulge for what company but I will be back soon. For the fans in Japan, don’t worry, The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith Jr. will be back soon and I will be better and stronger than ever. I look forward to coming back to The Land of the Rising Sun but at this point I can’t say who it’s for or what I’m doing. But I will be back soon.

The Von Erichs:

Ross and Marshall are really cool. I’m glad to see they’re getting an opportunity on MLW TV to come up. Of course, the relationship with Fritz – he was basically trained by Stu up in Calgary. There’s been a close relationship between the Von Erichs and the Hart Family.

I wish those kids all the best and I hope that somewhere in the near future there’s a tag team match occurring with myself and Ross and Marshall in MLW. That would be really cool to see the Hart-Smith Family with the Von Erichs in one ring. That would be great for the fans to see and if we’re in Dallas, Texas too even better, right?

Lance Storm closing his school and if he’d want to be a trainer:

Maybe at some point but not particularly now. It’s certainly a gain on WWE’s behalf to have Lance because he has a lot to offer and has great psychology. Brian [Pillman Jr] did Lance Storm’s three-month training program but when he finished it he ended up blowing his knee out. Then he had to take three months off.

That was a hard thing where you train for three months and then you have to stop for three months, you forget about the basics you learned. I’m glad to hear Lance has got an opportunity with WWE. I do feel he had one of the better, more structured wrestling schools around and he produced a lot of talent that’s been successful. Lance is straightforward and is not gonna tell you a bunch of bulls**t.

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