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NewsDavey Richards Talks Eddie Edwards, Impact In India, How Have Things Been...

Davey Richards Talks Eddie Edwards, Impact In India, How Have Things Been Since Anthem Took Over & More



RealSport101 recently had the opportunity to talk with Impact Wrestling star, “The Lone Wolf” Davey Richards. Richards went over how he feels seeing as how The Wolves are no longer a team, his thoughts on Eddie Edwards, Impact filming in India & much more.

Here are the highlights:

Being A Part Of The Wolves:

“I feel probably even more so proud of the fact that nothing was ever handed to me and Eddie. Regardless of my personal feelings towards him now, it was me and him combined with the fans that made the American Wolves and then the Wolves. It was a very organic thing, I think that’s why we touched so many people on an organic level, it was for the fans, by the fans. We were never made in a factory somewhere so that’s definitely the thing we’re most proud of in both of our careers.”

Any Regrets About The Wolves Breaking Up:

“No, not at all. It was definitely time for both of us to venture into single waters and see what happened. Eddie’s been very successful and since I’ve returned, I’ve been very successful on our own. You never know what will happen in future but we’re both enjoying what we’re doing now and it’s something that we created and that the fans helped us create and will never truly die as long as the fans believe in it and we believe in it.”

If He Hadn’t Gotten Injured, Would He Have Been In The Main Event Of Slammiversary XV?:

“For me personally, whatever they promote on a piece of paper and promote on the internet, it’s irrelevant to me. As I always have, I go out there to steal the show. I believe every match I’m in is the main event, I don’t treat it any differently, I’m not going to go any harder because I’m the last match on the card or the most promoted match. I’m very protective of my spot, I’m very protective of my stature in wrestling and my reputation has been built on having the best match regardless of where I am on the card, so in my eyes, I am the main event.”

Impact In India:

“It was fantastic, just breaking new ground with such a virgin audience, it was something I was really thankful to be a part of because it really was a once in a lifetime thing. The Indian crowds were just amazing, they were passionate, they were loud, they gave us all their energy so I think it was a home run on both fronts.”

Feel Since Anthem Took Over Impact:

“For me personally, I never really noticed the change. I know there’s a lot of things people have said about Impact over the years with different management, but when I first came, there it was more Big John Gaburick in charge and I was treated very well. They took care of me and my family when I was out hurt. Since Jeff Jarrett & Anthem have taken over, I’ve been treated fairly and they too, take care of my family. I guess I’m kind of boring in that sense as I’ve never had any complaints against that company, they’ve never done me wrong. It seems the story-lines are a little less rushed now, we take our time a little bit more, which I personally like, but “Big” was very creative too and both heads of management have always come to me and asked for my input on ideas. I feel like I’ve always had a lot of creative control. That question might better be asked of someone else as I look at both ownership’s as having been positive and don’t have anything bad to say about either one.”


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