Davey Richards Tweets On Car Accident, WWE Creative Changes


— Davey Richards tweeted the following in regard to his car accident earlier today: Thanks everyone I’m ok. Nothing too serious besides a missed flight and some soreness! Yay for chiropractors boo to texting and driving!To clarify: I wasn’t texting and driving the idiot who rear ended us was. And nobody worry about Border Wars. I’ll be there, I’d walk through hell to get my hands on Steen.

— As noted earlier here on the website, WWE has been reportedly booking their shows as they come. There was said to be a lot of “on the fly” booking over the past week, both at Extreme Rules and at RAW.

— In another note from an article we posted earlier, WWE Champion CM Punk was first under consideration to replace Randy Orton in WWE Studios’ “Marine: Homefront”, not Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. Vince McMahon “stepped in and vetoed that decision” as it was determined that the company couldn’t afford for Punk to be off TV and on the road. Filming begins on 6/11 in Vancouver.

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