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David Finlay Comments On His Father Getting Back In The Ring At Age 62



Fightful Select conducted an interview with former IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion David Finlay, who spoke about his father Fit Finlay’s wrestling career and the possibility of Finlay getting back into the ring at age 62. Fit Finlay was furloughed by WWE in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On his father returning to the ring (in WWE) in 2006: “The break was because he injured one of his legs. Severed most of it, almost had to lose his leg. The doctor said he probably wouldn’t walk again, much less wrestle. My Dad’s the kind of guy, if you tell him ‘no,’ he’ll say ‘yes.’ A few years went by and he had that itch and had to get back. He started training, and he talked to WWE, and they gave him the go ahead for it. He was a producer at the time. He debuted at like 46, which is crazy. I remember watching it on TV, and people at school the next week were like ‘was that really your dad?’ It was great to see him wrestle again.”

On his father getting better with age inside the squared circle: “This might be biased, but I feel like my dad got better as time went on. I think when he retired, that was his peak. He never diminished in his skill level, whatsoever.”

His dad possibly getting back into the ring at age 62: “He thinks that he can. I train with him and my little brother weekly, and he’s still got it. He’s still better than he was when he retired eight years ago or whatever. In my opinion, yes, he could go in there and do better than most people wrestling today.”

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