David Otunga Comments on Working with Tyler Perry in Final ‘Madea’ Film


David Otunga recently spoke to the Chicago Tribune about his role in the final Tyler Perry Madea movie, A Madea Family Funeral, currently in theaters. In the film, the former WWE Tag Team Champion plays a member of Madea’s extended family, Will.

Interesting to note, the article very much refers to David’s time with WWE in the past tense. The former Nexus member hasn’t been in the ring and a handful of years but will still participate with pre-show panels and things of that nature.

In the interview, David Otunga praises the work ethic and creativity of Tyler Perry:

“Tyler Perry is amazing to work with,” Otunga said. “He’s so unique. He’s a genius at what he does. I’m the kind of person who admires anyone who is exceptionally brilliant in their craft, and he’s one of those people.
Perry plays four different characters in the film, wrote the script, produced the film and directed it. It was amazing to watch Perry work. He’s incredibly efficient. He shoots super-fast so you have to bring your ‘A’ game when you work with him.”

To read the full interview and learn more about Otunga’s upbringing, click here.

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