David Otunga Sheds Light On The Coffee Cup Origin + More


Chicago Now MMA did an interview with WWE superstar, David Otunga, where he shed light on the origins of the coffee cop and his wrestling career:

On where the coffee cup prop came from: “Funny you should mention that because I’m drinking out of it right now. The thing about the coffee mug, is that it’s really me. One day I started using it on camera and people are led to believe it’s a part of my character. But it’s really me and not just my character’s role.”

On transitioning back to the ring from his non-wrestling role: “Well you know it’s something I’ve been I’m waiting for. It hasn’t been that difficult but I’ve been looking forward to it for a very long time. I enjoy being in the ring and it was more excitement than anything to be back in that wrestling role. I am very goal oriented and want to see my character go to the top. I am hoping to have the creative freedom to do that and let it pan out the way I would like. It’s exciting for sure and hopefully in the next few weeks my character continues to grow.”

On the toughest role he ever played: “I guess it had to be the reality show (I Love New York). There was a lot more information that I could process at one time. The [recent WWE film he shot with Halle Berry] was unbelievably fun because it came to me second nature. With the WWE, the acting classes, and the improv I do it was very easy to blend in. The only major difference was me having to shave. I haven’t shaved in many, many years but it had to be done and it helped me get into character.”

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