David Otunga Speaks Out – Bodybuilding, Movies, More


Credit: MuscleAndfFtness.com

David Otunga was recently interviewed by Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Here are the highlights…

Who were some of your other favorite bodybuilders?: Well Arnold (Schwarzenegger), obviously, and Ronnie Coleman, and nowadays I really like Phil Heath. I really like his physique. I’ve been watching him since he first came on the scene and I was like, “He’s definitely gonna do something.” Jay Cutler, as well. And the smaller guys in the 202 class like Flex Lewis. That guy’s a beast too.

Next year you’ll be in a movie called The Hive. Can you tell us what it’s about?: Oh man this is a great, great film. Halle Berry plays a 9-1-1 operator, and Abigail Breslin, from Little Miss Sunshine, is in the movie as well. A girl gets kidnapped and Halle Berry is the 9-1-1 operator who’s trying to help find her. I play one of the police officers who works with Halle Berry. It’s a thriller.

And what is your character like?: My character is a police officer, and he’s a really, really good guy. He takes his job seriously—a little too seriously at some points—but it’s all in the name of justice.

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