Dax Harwood On Goals With His Podcast, His Support For CM Punk


Dax Harwood recently discussed his new podcast, FTR with Dax, in an interview with Sports Illustrated. He explained that he had previously been asked to do a podcast but only agreed to do so with his friend Matt Koon on the condition that he could do it his way. Harwood’s goal with the podcast is to showcase who wrestlers really are beyond just “tough guys in underwear,” and to shed light on the mental and emotional struggles they face.

Harwood also addressed comments he made about CM Punk and his potential return to AEW, clarifying that he has no ill will and is focused on making AEW the best company possible while staying true to himself and telling the truth.


You can check out the highlights from that particular segment from his interview below:

Dax Harwood on how his podcast came about: “I’d been asked before to do a podcast, whether it was one about tag teams or wrestling psychology, but I had never wanted to do one. The market is so flooded with them. When my good buddy Matt Koon asked me, I agreed on one condition: I wanted to do it my way. I know that way might ruffle some feathers, but I’m not purposely trying to hurt feelings. I’m just going to be real. I can’t be fake. I need to tell the truth. I love doing that with Matt. He is the maestro, the conductor, and the amount of time and effort and heart he puts into this podcast, it’s amazing.”

Dax Harwood on his mission with the podcast: “My goal is to open up a whole world as to who wrestlers are. We’re a lot more than tough guys wrestling in our underwear. I want to break that exterior. The struggle is physical, but it’s also mental. For me, the struggle is about being a husband and a father, and balancing being home with life on the road. And I’m so grateful that people want to hear what I have to say.”

Dax Harwood on being vocal about his support for CM Punk: “I was talking about one of my best friends. Just because of what happened, or what people think happened, there is no ill will. I’m here, at least through the duration of my contract in April, to make AEW the best company I can. If I continue to stay here, I want to make AEW the best company I possibly can, especially the younger wrestlers. There is so much potential here. Deep down, there are good people in wrestling—myself, Cash, Matt Koon, Punk, The Young Bucks—and we all inherently want to be good. I don’t go out looking to upset people. There is a fine line when you try to portray a character, which makes you money, and being a human being, but I’m looking to tell the truth.”

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