Dax Harwood Says AEW Mishandled The Pinnacle vs. Inner Circle Feud


On the most recent installment of FTR With Dax, Dax Harwood discussed The Pinnacle’s underwhelming run in AEW.

Talking about how the Inner Circle had gotten redemption over The Pinnacle in a backstage brawl mere weeks after their formation, Harwood said that the heel tandem getting their comeuppance so soon essentially rendered a future match between the two factions meaningless. He said,


“Two weeks after The Pinnacle had formed? There’s no more threat, right? There’s no more threat. We’ve got the sh*t kicked out of us and the redemption story is over.”

“So, all the babyfaces beat up the heels… and so after the good guys get the redemption and beat us up, why is there a match? Why did we have a match? The match is where they beat us up and that’s where they get their redemption eventually down the road. But, yeah, I think that we prematurely got iced, you know? We were so hot with that debut. That debut couldn’t have gone better and then a couple weeks later, they got their redemption. So, my thought is why? Why is there a match after this? Because we’ve already been beat up.”

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