Dax Harwood Says FTR Should Be Presented Like The Usos


The Usos have dominated WWE’s tag-team division for close to two years, and that is how Dax Harwood believes FTR should be presented.

After winning the SmackDown Tag Titles in July 2021, The Usos unified the belts with the RAW Tag Team Championships last May and have remained champions ever since.


Speaking on the latest FTR Podcast, Harwood was asked which teams he would like to face if he and Cash Wheeler returned to WWE. He said,

“Of course, first on the list has got to be The Usos. Right? They’re probably the most over tag team in the world right now, and I say that with a chip on my shoulder. That pisses me off because I feel like that’s what I think we should be presented and how we should be presented.

“You could take those guys, singles or tag, and put them in a main event spot right now and no one would bat an eye on it and they could work with anybody.” 

At AEW Revolution 2023, FTR made their return to programming after being off of TV for months, though Harwood has said that nothing has changed with their status with the company.

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