Dax Harwood Talks Greatest Heel Tag Teams Ever, Wrestlers Not Using The Term ‘Rest Hold’


AEW wrestler Dax Harwood recently took to his FTR podcast to discuss several professional wrestling topics.

During the show, Harwood talked about the term “rest hold,” the psychology of working as a heel, and the greatest heel tag teams ever.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On maintaining a constant pace as heels:

“That frantic pace is what drew me to Tully [Blanchard] and Arn [Anderson]. How frenetic they worked. There was never a lull in their match, and they were always so busy. Again, intent on everything. We stole that frenetic pace from them, and there’s something Cash [Wheeler] and I do; maybe he has a guy in a hold, and he’s working it.”

On “Rest hold” not being a term wrestlers use:

“So many people call it a “rest hold” because they’ve read it in a dirt sheet. It’s not a rest hold, that’s not what it is. You keep working. That hold is what our business is built on.”

On the psychology of working holds as heels:

“So Cash is working this hold, right? This babyface is starting to come up. He’s reaching, he’s reaching, and he’s reaching, he’s trying to get to his partner, he’s trying to get to his best friend, and he’s almost there, but he can’t get there.

Cash brings it back, all of a sudden there’s a back suplex or something. Boom, and they’re both down. And then the fans are waiting, the babyface starts to crawl. Cash gets to me first, and right before that babyface can get to his partner, I do this thing where we’d slide on our knees right in between them.”

On great heel tag teams in the history of wrestling:

“That frenetic pace is movement without doing a move. And that’s what we stole from guys like Tully and Arn, and [Paul] Orndorff, [Dick] Murdoch and [Adrian] Adonis. I think they’re the most underrated tag team of all time, maybe? But they could be with Tully and Arn, and Bobby [Eaton] and Dennis [Condrey], the best working tag team of all time. They just had a really really short run.”

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You can keep up with all your wrestling news right here on eWrestlingNews.com. Or, you can follow us over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.