Diamond Dallas Page

DDP Comments On Eric Bischoff’s WWE Departure


Recently, DDP talked to WrestlingINC about Eric Bischoff’s recent departure from WWE. During the conversation on their WINCLY podcast, Diamond Dallas Page stated he believes Eric Bischoff should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

You can check out the highlights below:

"I think maybe the style up there didn't mesh. When you're up there in that spot, it's like being a manager for the Yankees. They're gonna give you a shot and if things don't work out, then onto the next. But there's nobody I've seen in my life who lands on their feet as well as Eric Bischoff. I've been proud to call him one of my close friends forever. If he's not a Hall of Famer then I really don't know who is because that cat changed the business. He changed it in a way that there weren't 37 different wrestling companies, there was one that was Goliath and one that was a little bigger than David. Then before you knew it, for 83 weeks he turned WCW into Goliath."


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