DDP Compares The Safety Of Wrestling Today vs. Decades Ago


As previously noted here on eWn, WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page was a recent guest on Fightful.com’s “The List and Ya Boy” podcast. During a specific portion of the podcast, Page explained the differences between various topics all concerning wrestling.

Check out a few of DDP’s thoughts:


Wrestling vs. Night Club Promoting:

“Well, that’s actually a funny question because my career was really going nowhere until I finally started to get the Diamond Cutter and the Diamond Cutter sign over. I started to treat my career like I was a night club and what I mean by that is, from the catchphrases, to the repetition of what I was trying to get over, in a night club if I’m doing a hot legs contest every Wednesday night, you know there’s going to be a contest every Wednesday night. Taking that same attitude, using the catchphrases, all the things I said was to get the people involved during a time where they were really starting to take off. Now it’s gotten to the point with Enzo for example, they know what he’s going to say but he can switch it up. I like to hear the catchphrases in the middle of intense promos, so yeah, there are a lot of similarities. Get people to know who you are, what you can do and why they should give a s**t, especially in a pro wrestling.”

Safety Of Wrestling Today vs. In The Past:

“The problem with what happened before, with all the deaths, was mainly because of prescription drugs, painkillers and muscle relaxers. The WWE has the most stringent policies about anyone taking a pill period and I think that’s one of the reasons why your seeing… I mean, these guys just look healthier. They’re not allowed to abuse pills and they don’t drink the way we did. Sure, they party occasionally, but we were drinking all the time. The WWE also constantly sends out letters to the guys who have had issues offering help. I think they have the best program out there, NBA, NFL, you name it.”


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