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DDP Details How He Wanted His WWE Run To Go


DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) has spoken out on how his WWE run went. After WCW’s closure, Page was one of the few WCW wrestlers to join WWE instead of sitting out his guaranteed contract from AOL Time Warner. However, his WWE run didn’t go how he would have liked, with DDP instead wishing he had faced off against The Rock.

Speaking to Joey Karni of The Angle Podcast, DDP had this to say:

“I tell people all the time just don’t think it ink it, burn it into your brain. Write it down, own it. And every single thing that I’ve ever said, has happened, except for when I came up with the idea of People’s Champion [DDP] versus People’s Champion [The Rock], that’s what should have happened. And, Vince wanted me in that stalker thing because they wanted to beat WCW, wanted to beat the company down. I never thought that because, you know, it’s money like we’re gonna draw huge money me and The Rock, you know, but it wasn’t about that it was like, you guys bitch slapped us for at three weeks straight. Now we’re not gonna, we’re not gonna put you over. And I get it, it was really just business, I took it personally in the beginning, but later on when I removed myself, I realised it wasn’t me. It was whoever that guy was and I was the guy.”

The angle DDP is referring to is when he was revealed as the stalker of the Undertaker’s then wife Sara. The angle was largely panned at the time but, did result in DDP becoming a one-time WWE Tag Team Champion with Chris Kanyon.

DDP would then elaborate further on how he believes he should have handled the proposal from Vince for him to do the stalker angle.

“What I should have said was, I should have got up, shook their hands and said, love the idea, but not for DDP, when you want to do People’s Champion versus People’s Champion, call me. And I wouldn’t have given a sh*t if I put The Rock over every single night. It’d have just got bigger and bigger and bigger. It’d have got better and better and better.”

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