​DDP Discusses The Big Show Telling Him He Should Leave WCW, The Freebirds In The WWE HOF


During a recent appearance on The Steve Austin Show, DDP discussed The Freebirds going into the WWE Hall of Fame, The Big Show telling him he should leave WCW, Randy Savage and more. Here are some highlights:

On Big Show Telling His He Should Leave WCW: “Nine weeks in a row, it was written on the TV sheets, I’m going to drop Scott Hall with The [Diamond] Cutter and backdrop Nash over the top rope. Now you know they were pushing for that because nobody had dropped them yet, so they were wanting to do it and they took it off the TV sheets nine weeks in a row! I mean, Big Show’s going, ‘dude, you should just go to Vince [McMahon] because they’re never going to give you the opportunity’. And then, the next week, in New Orleans [Louisiana], it happened and then, I’m working with [Randy] Savage.” Page continued, “Big Show was saying, ‘go to New York’, like, ‘get the hell out of here [because] they’re never going to do this for you. You’re never going to get the opportunity.’ And that’s what I felt. After eight weeks in a row, yeah, you can only B.S. me so many times where I’m going to come back and I had a real heart to heart with Kevin Sullivan that I thought it’s never going to happen. And then, it happened.”

On Getting The Randy Savage Feud in WCW: “At the time, Kimberly had done that Celebrity Nudes. She was the first Playboy chick [from the world of professional wrestling]. What they did was they shot this spread with her and they asked me to be in it! Now, I’m bottom of the middle of the card at the time. You know me, bro. If I get the opportunity to do something that’s going to shock some people, I’m going to go with it, so I went and I shot this thing with her where I’m putting on my boots [and] she’s slipping into something. And they loved the photoshoot so much they asked us to come back and shoot again because they were going to give her a six-page spread. So I tell [Eric] Bischoff right before this goes down and he’s like, ‘are you crazy? You’ve got a morality clause in your contract. They can fire you!’ I go, ‘well, then, they fire me! Maybe Vince will do something with it!’ And then, it sort of just went away and that came back as the angle that Randy Savage brought out the Playboy with Liz spray painted over Kim’s nipples and butt and then she came out all spray painted nWo! And then, boom, that starts her angle with Savage.”

On The Freebirds Going Into The WWE Hall of Fame: ”When I think of the Birds, because when I came in to WCW, you remember, bro, I got to manage the latest Freebirds, it was always Michael P.S. Hayes and Jimmy ‘Jam’ Garvin, so I was really happy to see Jimmy go in the [WWE] Hall Of Fame too because he was one hell of a talent. And those guys together, they were so much fun. They taught me so much on the road.”

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