DDP Fails To Land A Deal On ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’


Thanks to Devis of 2xzone.com for this report:

Diamond Dallas Page and his business partner Steve Yu took to ABC’s ‘The Shark Tank’ tonight, pitching a 5% stake in DDP Yoga in exchange for $200k

He was billed as a “Former Wrestling Superstar with a product that changed his life”

Dallas explained that he didn’t become a pro wrestler until he was 35 years old, and his career didn’t take off until he was 40- but when he was 42 he blew his back out and a specialist suggested he do yoga. DDP said that he did the yoga, and at age 43 got back in the ring and became World Champion.

He claimed DDPYoga “dramatically increases flexibility and strengthens the core, all with minimal joint impact.”

His biggest sell was bringing out his best success story, Arthur, who lost 140 lbs in 10 months, and shed his walking apparatus.

DDP explained that DDPYoga has generated $3 million in sales to date, netting $890k profit. Steve explained that they were seeking to raise additional capital to expand into the mobile application realm.

Daymond John went out because he had previous fitness plays which were a drain on his time and energy.

Mark Cuban went out because he felt he’d be building a new company since they are entering the mobile space.

Barbara Corcoran went out because she felt that DDPYoga’s biggest growth was behind them based on the “Arthur” success story.

Robert Herjavec went out because he wasn’t a fan of the valuation.

Mr. Wonderful talked about making a low-ball offer, but then went out.

Leaving no deal for DDP.

DDP finished by saying that “the Sharks are going to watch DDP Yoga become the biggest thing and wish they got in on it.” Then gave them a BAAAAAANG!

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