Diamond Dallas Page

DDP Hoping To Help Rebuild Raven (Video)


It’s no secret that WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page has done so much to help some of the legends of professional wrestling. Most notably, Page has helped Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall get back on their feet and on the right paths.

DDP is hoping to do the same for former WWE star Raven. Page has released the first episode of “We Can Rebuild You- Raven.” Raven talked about how his body has been damaged after 30 years of professional wrestling:

“I have three herniated discs in my lower back. The head orthopedic surgeon for the Atlanta Braves says I have the two worst shoulders he’s seen in his life.

“I’m 53. I gotta get my body in a little better shape and get my injuries to stop being nagging. DDPY is perfect.”

Raven revealed he has heart issues along with type 2 diabetes. Before Raven would lose motivation easily due to his injuries, however, he plans on giving DDP and his guidance everything he can. Check out the episode here:

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