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NewsAEWDDP Says Resurrection Of Jake The Snake Film Has Been Discussed

DDP Says Resurrection Of Jake The Snake Film Has Been Discussed



Diamond Dallas Page has revealed that a feature film take on the 2014 documentary The Resurrection of Jake the Snake has been discussed as a narrative release. The WWE Hall of Famer spoke with for a new interview promoting his new film High Heat and revealed that a narrative film based on the 2014 documentary about Jake Roberts could be on the way.

Page said, “What I’ve been working was one of my own projects. If anybody has ever seen the The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, in 2014, we released that. That’s a documentary that’s [got] a lot of power to it. Recently, I’ve been approached about making that a movie — a scripted movie that’ll end up on a big screen, and they love the story. So that’s something I’m super excited about.”

The documentary centered on Jake Roberts and his his recovery from addiction, as well as his physical rehab, in which Page was heavily involved. It debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015 and hit several other film festivals that year. Roberts spoke recently about his recovery from addiction, and how well Page helped him to overcome his past demons.

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