DDP Says WCW Might Have Won The Monday Night War With This Week’s Goldberg


PWTorch Livecast conducted an interview with DDP, who talked about Goldberg’s return and said that WCW would have won the war if that this week’s version of Goldberg was on Nitro. This is what he had to say:

“I thought he killed it. I thought he killed it in that interview…If Bill would have been that Bill and feel as comfortable with himself as he did Monday night – I’m sure he was nervous as hell after 12 years showing up in that whole scenario – you couldn’t tell after he got into it. The way the fans greeted him, they were unchained. I was happy for him to be able to get that kind of reaction to the fans. Just really shows you how strong WCW was back in the day and how strong Bill was. If he could have found that voice in 1998, we might have won that war.”

DDP particularly enjoyed the conclusion of the Goldberg promos. “I thought he was so real,” he said. “The finish was my favorite, you know, how he went from ‘You’re not only next,’ and then he looked away and came back and said, ‘You’re last.’ That was awesome! It’s why I like listening to Paul Heyman too. Paul’s been around forever and he gets into it. He believes everything he’s saying no matter what it is. If you believe it, then other people are going to believe it as well.”

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