Dean Ambrose Praises The “Broken Universe”, Pete Dunne Thanks Triple H For Some Of His Success


Current United Kingdom & PROGRESS Champion, Pete Dunne, recently told that Triple H is to credit for most of his success in the WWE. Dunne stated that Triple H took a chance on him & his fellow UK wrestlers and that HHH is the reason that some of them are shining right now.



During the most recent episode of “Talk Is Jericho”, Chris Jericho had two current champions on the show in Jeff Hardy & Dean Ambrose. During a particular portion of the show, Ambrose stated that he thinks the”Broken Universe” is unique and had high praises to Matt & Jeff coming up with the concept.

Here’s an excerpt from “Talk Is Jericho”:

“It’s like not even outside the box, it was outside of a different box in a different room. I don’t even want to mess with that box. [The Broken Universe] is so different and it’s cool and it got really over. You can’t really compare it to anything else because it’s so cool.”

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