​Dean Ambrose Speaks Out – The Shield Babyface Turn, More


Dean Ambrose spoke with IGN over WrestleMania weekend. Here are the

The Shield Turning Babyface: “You know, we
never went out of our way to do anything that is… We’re doing the exact same
thing that we’ve always done; we’re just focusing it in a different direction.
Our destruction is now pointed at the same place as fans — our enemies that are
in our sights are the same people who fans might see as enemies. Look, we
haven’t changed anything we’ve done, and we don’t do anything any differently;
it’s just positioned in a different way, so people might feel a different way
about it.”

When They Realized The Shield Was Getting Over:
“I don’t know that I can remember a first moment with us, but it was really
early on when we could tell… Actually, you know what? I say that, but it was
probably TLC 2012. That was our first real match together, and it was our first
match in WWE. For myself that was my first match in WWE, so it was nearly a
decade buildup to this one match. It took me that long to get here. For the
other guys, they have their own personal journeys and stuff. Whatever it took to
get there, that was the first time we were really going to find out — you know,
the crowd was going to see, and we were really going to find out ourselves just
how well we could work together, because we were all on the same page. We knew
we could trust each other, and we all had faith that we could deliver, but that
was the first time any of us I think probably really felt that chemistry between
us. It was so seamless and so easy, probably easier than we thought it was going
to be. That was probably the moment where we were just like, ‘Yeah, this is a
thing. This works.'”

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