Dean Muhtadi (Mojo Rawley) Doing Free Meet & Greet To Help UK Talent After WES Cancellation


Dean Muhtadi is doing all he can to help out any talent left out in the cold following the sudden cancellation of this weekend’s WES debut show.

As you may know, the Legion of Pain’s promotion cancelled the event earlier this week, just days before it was to take place. They cited “talent not showing up” as the reason for the cancellation. Several talent called out the promotion publicly for the statement, while another report suggested that the show was cancelled due to poor ticket sales and mismanagement.

Muhtadi, formerly Mojo Rawley in WWE, had been booked to appear at the show. He took to social media to note that he will be doing a free meet and greet on Sunday for anyone who had a ticket or pay-per-view purchase for the WES show. One hundred percent of the proceeds from anyone who attends will go to UK talent that were booked for the event.

You can check out his tweet below:

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