De’Angelo Williams Comments On If He Has A Future In Pro-Wrestling & Reflects On His Slammiversary XV Match


NFL free agent running back, De’Angelo Williams, was a recent guest on Adam Schefter’s ESPN podcast & discussed his appearance at Global Force Wrestling’s “Slammiversary XV” PPV. Williams gave word on if there is a future for him in the pro-wrestling business & provided his overall thoughts on his experience at Slammiversary.

Here are the highlights:


Is There A Future In Pro-Wrestling For Him & Reflecting On His Experience:

“No, it was a one shot deal, a lot of the things that I do, if not all of the things that I do, have a meaning to it. I don’t do it just because the opportunity came, but me and Josh Mathews are friends, he’s a color commentator. He actually got in the ring for the first time as well at this card, Slammiversary. However, we’ve been friends. He was with WWE for a long time and he was a commentator there as well, but that’s where our friendship began.”

“I’m going to take you back a lot farther that that; my uncle, my nickname is from wrestling, he got me into wrestling. For his birthday I took him to his WrestleMania in Houston. We took him for his birthday and he went and we went three or four years after that and during the course of those three or four years that we went, he would ask me if I would get in the ring and wrestle. I was like, no, I’d never do that, like, I respect the sport too much for that. It’s great entertainment for me and I just couldn’t do it, I mean, it looks easy, but I just couldn’t do it.”

Why He Decided To Get Into The Ring:

“I was like, if I get that opportunity, I’ll wrestle for you. Well, my uncle died five years ago. When Josh was like, hey, man, you want to get in the ring, you want to wrestle? I was like, no, I’m okay and then in my mind I was thinking; this will be that one match for my uncle. I called him back and was like, yeah, I’ll do it and he was like, we’ll do it at Slammiversary. He said so what do you want to do, I was like I want to wrestle. He said celebrity matches, they don’t really wrestle. I said I want to wrestle, this is bigger than me and I respect the sport too much to just go in there and not perform like a wrestler. So I went up to Canada for three days and came back and that was the product that you got, outside of the botched table jump.”


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