Death Of Jimmy Snuka’s Girlfriend To Be Looked Into


The thirty year-old mystery surrounding the death of Jimmy Snuka’s girlfriend will get a new look. reports that Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin in Philadelphia has ordered that the case, which is still open, be reviewed by his staff.

Nancy Argentino, who was described by Snuka as his “road girlfriend,” died in 1983. Snuka claimed at the time that Argentino was driving him to a TV taping in Allentown, Pennsylvania and stopped to go to the bathroom at the side of the road. Snuka said that Argentino slipped on her way back to the car and hit her head on the road. She allegedly was complaining of a headache when they got to their hotel; Snuka said she was asleep when he left for the taping, only to return finding her with trouble breathing at which point he called the police. She died hours later from complications and while Snuka was questioned, he was never indicted.

The Argentino family has claimed that DA William H. Platt had a case against Snuka but failed to pursue it. The family won a $500,000 wrongful death suit against Snuka but never got any money from it. A new E-Book and several newspapers have been looking at the case due to it being the thirtieth anniversary.

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