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NewsShelly Martinez Accuses Deceased WWE Star Umaga Of Sexual Assault

Shelly Martinez Accuses Deceased WWE Star Umaga Of Sexual Assault



One of today’s hot button topics is sexual assault, and rightfully so. It’s an era where nobody is safe and celebrities are being blamed every day for rape, sexual harassment, and assault. In some cases, like Bill Cosby for example, the celebrity is tried and even sentenced to prison. In this case however, our perpetrator is deceased, and he is former WWE star, Umaga.

On a recent episode of Vince Russo’s podcast, Russo was talking about the era of celebrity assault when he mentioned that when working with WWE, a female wrestler came to him and told him that she was raped. Later, Martinez was a guest on the podcast where she said that she was almost raped in a WWE overseas tour, along with many other WWE divas at the time.

The Samoan Bulldozer has been accused of sexual assault by former wrestling star, Shelly Martinez. Martinez claims that she was assaulted by Umaga on a WWE overseas tour and was told to cover it up. Now this could be a big news story potentially, so before I say more, here is the official statement from Martinez:

“So what happened is that they separated us (Raw and Smackdown) and since I was in ECW what would happen is half of us would go with Raw and half of us to go with SmackDown. So when they separated us there was a group of guys who said ‘Our goal is to see who the first one to get with you is. I was like, ‘Dude it’s not ever going to happen,” So it became some sick game and the next thing I know it was after a show and we were partying or whatever and the only reason why I don’t say the names right now or haven’t yet publically is because there is a lot that I don’t remember and I don’t want to be saying stuff that I don’t remember. But I will say this and I’ve never said this before but there was a group of guys and one of them was Umaga and when they saw he was getting the most aggressive with me — they left and he got on top of me and I just prayed. One of my fears is being raped because when I was a little girl I had some sexual abuse stuff so it’s just something that I feared. So I prayed because he was a big guy. And I’m like, ‘Please don’t let this happen, please don’t let this happen.’ And it was one of those things where God gave me strength and I pushed him off of me and he fell to the floor and he got pissed and like left the room. The next thing I can remember is being at a show the next night and venting to my girlfriend Melina about it — not telling anyone else and then one of the guys yelled down, ‘Hey Melina, did you smarten her up yet?’ I was like, ‘smarten me up to what? To keep my mouth shut?!’ So I went right up to his face and I said I didn’t tell anyone except for her and I can’t remember everything else I said when I got in his face. A lot of this I didn’t remember until a couple years ago and I was totally suppressing it.”

Her story can be confusing at times and Umaga is not here to defend himself anymore, but this story is extremely sad and alarming nonetheless. Rape is never okay, and to see that it might have happened in the WWE locker room at some point is unacceptable. Martinez claims that other females at the time were also assaulted.

It seems like there’s a lot of investigating to be done now, but if these reports are true, this would be absolutely devastating. Umaga was integral in getting the Usos into pro wrestling, along with carrying his famous bloodline through the business, but this attempted rape allegation could ruin his reputation as a late, great, performer.

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