Defense Attorney Files Motion For Delay Of Hearing In Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch Case


Tammy Sytch‘s defense attorney has filed a motion to delay her pre-trial hearing in her DUI manslaughter case.

The motion cites the need for additional time to prepare the case for trial, as well as Sytch’s previous waiver of her right to a speedy trial. The motion also states that the defense is waiting on law enforcement to provide a copy of the Traffic Homicide Investigation report. As of February 10, 2023, the court has not yet ruled on the motion.


Sytch was arrested in May of 2022 over the incident, which took place in March of that year. She was charged with one count of DUI Manslaughter, one count of causing death while operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked driver’s license, three counts of DUI causing damage to property, and four counts of DUI causing injury to a person.

The full motion reads:

Under Fla.R.Crim.P.3.190(f), defendant, Tamara Lynn Sytch, moves for a continuance of the February 16, 2023, PreTrial Conference on the following grounds:

1. The defendant in this case is currently charged by Information with one count of DUI Manslaughter, one count of DWLS with Death and six counts of misdemeanor DUI.

2. Several rounds of depositions have been completed and additional depositions are outstanding and being scheduled in this matter.

3. The defense is also waiting on law enforcement to either complete or provide a copy of the Traffic Homicide Investigation report. The State has assisted the defense in requesting this information from law enforcement.

4. Additional time is needed to prepare this case for trial.

5. The defendant previously waived her right to speedy trial.

6. The defendant would request a double roll continuance.

7. Assistant State Attorney Ashley Terwilleger has been contacted and does not object to the granting of this motion.

8. This motion is made in good faith and not for purposes of delay.

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