Del Rio Clarifies Why He Left WWE


Thanks to Superluchas, there is an English transcript of Alberto Del Rio’s press conference in regards to his WWE departure. You can read what he said down below….

  • The main objective of this press conference is to notify Mexico – the place where I was born, where my career started and where it’s going to end – that I was tired of the work pace. I wasn’t comfortable anymore, I felt that they weren’t doing stuff with me and I decided to move. I understand that they weren’t going to give me more exposure; I understand their motives and we reached an agreement. The negotiation was so good that McMahon didn’t apply the 90 day clause. I’ve come here completely free.I have many projects: I want to be sports announcer in the US and also I’m starting a new facet as entrepreneur here in Mexico.
  • It’s important for me to be here and clear up the Internet rumors. I’m thankful with every directive, especially Vince. My economy is excellent, and I want to enjoy mi family.
  • I’ve won everything in WWE. My father said to me: do you want to live your entire life under the spotlight, like your uncle, Mil Máscaras? Or do you want to enjoy your life?
  • Tomorrow, I’ll have meetings with Mexican owners (promoters). I don’t want to be exclusive. I’ll talk to all of them: Dorian Roldán (AAA), Paco Alonso (CMLL), with Liga Elite. If they want to have Alberto, I’ll work only dates. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I won’t be a exclusive talent.
  • I don’t want to keep taking bumps too much, so I’ll work in a few amount of shows.
  • The main reason of my decision was seeing my kid hiding my bags to stop me from traveling. I want to enjoy my family and also, I wasn’t comfortable with my second tenure with WWE.
  • I spoke with my father, who’s the one that always give me great advice, and that same day I decided to talk with the board of directors.
  • I don’t regret my second tenure with the company. They gave me everything I asked for, and my decision wasn’t set because of the lack of championships: that’s irrelevant in this stage of my career. I left the company because I couldn’t keep up with their work rhythm. Making an assessment of my second tenure, I’d say it’s a 50/50.
  • Talking with Vince about why I was leaving, he told me that with the brand extension, Alberto Del Rio would be who he was before.
  • I love this sport; it’s been my dream since the day I opened my eyes, but I’m losing the passion. Every time I took a plane I felt angry, and I don’t want to be a sour wrestler… that’s what I said to Vince: I don’t want to lose my passion for pro wrestling.
  • We had such a good understanding that I told him: ‘Don’t rule out a call from me someday’.
  • Everybody knows my fees and what I need to work. I’m a guarantee and I’m here to be hired. I have two years left as a wrestler before I retire. I’m not doing more than 60 dates around the world. I won’t give more.
  • I’ll definitely like to come back to Arena Mexico, but at the end of the day, I’ll go with whoever has money to pay me.
  • Alberto started negotiations with an MMA company (probably Combate Americas) to be part of the board of directors and also to be an announcer.
  • “I’ probably won’t use the mask again. I respect tradition. Someday, I might use it to go out to the ring, but I wont be a masked performer again’
  • I don’t care who I face. Many want to face me, but only Rey Mysterio can be compared to me.
  • Whoever wants to work with me knows I’m a guarantee for spectacle. Vince said it: I’ve been the best heel in the last few years.
  • Everything I am is because of WWE, but unfortunately that has a high price: your life. I was in the top; I won everything, and I couldn’t get any higher.
  • I’m happy about my father returning to Arena Mexico, but I won’t be there. I won’t have problems with any company.
  • My last two years will be in Mexico and San Luis Potosí with mi dad, brother and with Mil Máscaras.
  • Undoubtedly, AAA is the company, that in my judgment, is doing the best stuff thanks to it’s relationship with TV. They are farther ahead.
  • Arena Mexico is down in marketing and in many things. I don’t know about Liga Élite. I’m going to talk with my brother who works with them.

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