Deonna Purrazzo Reacts To Winning The ROH Women’s Championship, Talks Mickie James


During a recent interview with Sporting News, Impact Wrestling Superstar Deonna Purrazzo commented on winning the ROH Women’s Championship, her rivalry with Mickie James, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On becoming a double champion again: “It feels great! Unfortunately, I was not able to regain my Knockouts Championship at Hard to Kill, but winning the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship is really exciting for me, it’s a full-circle feeling. I was really happy to help cross those bridges with Impact and Ring of Honor, but to also represent ROH during this unprecedented time for them.”

On how she and Mickie James bring out the best in each other: “I think we do. I was very vocal that our feud was going to be something long-term where we just found ways to tell the story. I got to go to Mickie’s farm and attack her there, and we got to continue our story through NWA EmPowerrr and at NWA 73. We spent the better half of about 6-7 months trying to tell an interesting story. With all of Mickie’s experience, I learned from her and understood how her mind works when it comes to what is important in storytelling. I definitely think I found the yin to my yang. We are two completely different wrestlers. My strong suits are not Mickie’s strong suits and vice versa. We bounced off one another and created the best story and matches that we could.”

On the future of their rivalry: “As long as she holds the Knockouts Championship, I think our feud will never be over. I’m always going to want to regain MY Knockouts Championship and be a 3x Knockouts Champion. For right now, I am focusing my energy on defending the titles I do have: the AAA Reina de Renas and the ROH Women’s World Championship.”

On potentially defending the ROH Women’s World Title in multiple companies: “Absolutely, especially with the unprecedented times they are in. It’s interesting to have Jonathan Gresham wrestling on Impact, fighting Steve Maclin in a Pure Rules championship match. I love that Ring of Honor is represented, whether on Impact Wrestling, an independent show, wherever it is. It is a brand that means a lot to me personally from my time there. It helped develop who Deonna Purrazzo, “The Virtuosa” was going to be as a wrestler. Now that I have the championship, I don’t know if I will be defending it under Pure Rules, but it does mean the world to me to be the ROH Women’s World Champion. I want to defend it and carry on the ROH brand wherever and however I can.”

On what she believes can be improved in women’s wrestling: “There is always room for improvement. It comes from an entire locker room mindset, dating back where the guys used to be upset that women main evented. I feel like when everyone can finally accept the fact that women can be put in that position, that they are worthy, because they are, that’s when real change happens. I have been in the main event, especially with Mickie, Britt on AEW consistently main events, and Chelsea main evented NWA EmPowerrr. The more women we can put in those roles the more women will be inspired to work for those roles. There are a lot of women in wrestling. There are also a lot of other women in Impact worthy of those main event spots. We will have to see who can rise to the occasion.”

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