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NewsDeonna Purrazzo Reveals What It Means To Win The ROH Women's Championship

Deonna Purrazzo Reveals What It Means To Win The ROH Women’s Championship



Deonna Purrazzo was a recent guest on the “Tru Heel Heat Wrestling” podcast and commented on how much it meant to her to win the ROH Women’s Championship on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, her reaction to Mercedes Martinez winning the interim title at Supercard of Honor, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On what it meant to win the ROH Women’s Championship: “Um, everything (laughs). It was really special to me because I fought for that championship to be just like a figment of someone’s imagination. And for someone to see the vision that myself and other women that helped create the Women of Honor division back then. We saw a championship, we saw a division, we saw this vision for what Women of Honor could be that no one else saw. And it was for years until I left Ring of Honor before I went to NXT, for three years I fought. I could not tell you the amount of emails that I sent to Joe Koff with like data from our YouTube and from our Twitter and from Instagram being like people really want to pay attention to this. You need women, we are the best wrestling on the planet, women are included in that and here’s why and here’s the statistics.

“I fought way beyond just fighting in the ring for Women of Honor to be something that someone to believe way beyond myself and Mandy and a few other people. For better or for worse, I got what I wanted so it was a very long journey, but I believe everything happens for a reason. And you know the place that Ring of Honor was in when I won the Ring of Honor Women’s Championship was a bit uneasy. We didn’t know what’s to come and if I can say this about myself, I was the best fit to carry the division in such an unknown time period. And now, I’m carrying the championship onto AEW Dynamite on Wednesday. So this seven years journey has come full circle to me. Wrestling is the only thing that makes me really emotional and I already had to cry about it.”

On Mercedes Martinez winning the interim title at Supercard of Honor: “I think that it was important for a champion to be crowned especially because we are going into a new era of Ring of Honor. Whether it’s me or Mercedes, someone is gonna come out on top. So I think showcasing women on Supercard of Honor was the right thing to do 100 percent. I would have been upset had I not done it and there was no women’s match so if that means having to prove to Mercedes Martinez and the world that I’m the real Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion, then I’m more than happy to do that. That’s exactly what I plan to do on Wednesday is to carry a piece of the old Women of Honor what it was into this new Ring of Honor and new women’s division.”

On making her AEW debut: “It wasn’t until you just said it to me and I’ve talked about it’s Baltimore, it’s Baltimore all day, but for some reason, I just realized that the first Women of Honor match was me and Mandy Leon July 25, 2015 in Baltimore so it’s real full circle. It actually gave me chills when I just thought about it. I can cry talking about it honestly, it’s so full circle. What’s crazy too is I was supposed to be a part of All In, which was the precursor to what became AEW. It’s been a really long journey for me to get to this point and that’s why I keep saying my long-awaited AEW debut. I’m excited and I’m even more excited because AEW and IMPACT have had this off-and-on relationship that we didn’t really get to see women be a part of. And I was very vocal to be a part of that and wanting to be that first woman who stepped through the forbidden door to AEW. So it’s full circle in so many different ways and the fact I get to represent that old Ring of Honor, that old Women of Honor in this new Ring of Honor and then also get to wave that IMPACT Wrestling banner in one more place around the world. If you could be proud of yourself, I’m very proud of myself for the last few years and the way it’s gone and what’s to come.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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