Derrick Bateman-WWE Issues?, Ryback-WWE Update, More


— Derrick Bateman has been removed from and FCW’s website, which usually indicates a talent has been released. Bateman was asked about it over Twitter and said that the missing profiles is “meaningless” and that “people read into things way too much.”

— Ryback’s squashed opponent from SmackDown on Friday was James Hill, who works as Jimmy Meadows in the UK. Hill said in an interview that he got booked through UK veteran wrestler Robbie “The Wildcat” Brookside.

— April 20th’s WWE Vintage Collection included the following:

Curt Hennig vs. The British Bulldog

WCW Spring Stampede 1998

Steve Austin vs. The Great Muta

WCW Spring Stampede 1994

Ultimo Dragon vs. Chavo Guerrero

WCW Spring Stampede 1998

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy Savage

WCW Spring Stampede 1997

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