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NewsDetails From Today's All-Hands Talent Meeting At SmackDown

Details From Today’s All-Hands Talent Meeting At SmackDown



Triple H held an all-hands talent meeting prior to Friday night’s episode of WWE SmackDown. A new report from Fightful Select shares details of what went down in the meeting.

Since Vince McMahon’s return, talent have been nervous about their standing on the roster. They’re also nervous about Vince returning to head up WWE Creative. Friday’s meeting was meant to address those concerns. Triple H reiterated that Vince was back solely to help with the company’s sale, if one were to take place. Hunter attempted to squash rumors that the sale was a “done deal,” noting that it would take a lot longer for a deal of this size to go through.

Hunter emphasized that none of what is going on with Vince McMahon will change the creative process he has in place, or the team that helps put it together. Hunter admitted that he and Vince have had conversations, but final creative decisions still rest with him. WWE has been adamant that Triple H is in charge of WWE Creative.

Kevin Dunn also spoke at the meeting. Dunn noted that he’s worked with Vince for 40 years and hasn’t heard a peep about making any changes. It was rumored that Vince had made suggestions to other departments, but nothing was implemented.

Triple H thanked the talent for all they do, and understood why there was some concern.

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