Details On How WWE and AEW Are Implementing Testing Procedures For COVID-19


Amid a bunch of speculation and rumors, we have new details on how exactly WWE and AEW are handling their COVID-19 testing protocols and procedures in recent months.

According to a report by Wrestlinginc, the two companies are doing things differently when it comes to the actual testing. For starters, the common theme is that all performers are tested before being allowed to appear on the companies’ television programming each and every week. The mask-wearing policies for each company have also been less strict than before.

WWE talents report to a parking garage a day before the TV tapings to receive their nasal swab talents and the talents are instructed to stay in their cars. The performers receive their results either via text or another messaging platform that same night before entering the arena.

As for AEW, the talent report to an off-site facility for a blood prick test – considered to be an easier testing process but more expensive – on the morning of TV tapings. Unlike WWE talents who have to wait until later in the day for their results, AEW stars receive their results within around 10 minutes. Those wrestlers who test negative for the virus receive a special wristband before entering Daily’s Place.

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